The Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED) is a non-governmental organization working to create more just and equitable societies in remote and disadvantages areas of Nepal. The organization has no political or religious affiliations and is a registered non-profit institution under Nepali law.

Founded in 1992, CAED uses human rights principles, policies and norms to further its cause, focusing on the following issues:

  • Food sovereignty
  • The empowerment of women and girls
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Child rights
  • Dalit rights
  • Indigenous identity and education

Current Programs

CAED is currently implementing three programs in the east, west and north of Nepal. Click on each to discover more. 



Karnali Livelihood Empowerment Program

Securing food sovereignty for marginalised groups in northern Nepal


Women, Girls and Child Rights Program

Empowering young women, girls and boys in western Nepal


Women’s Reproductive Rights Program

Tackling uterine prolapse and its underlying causes in eastern and western Nepal

Mission Statement


A self-sufficient, equitable and just society. 


Strive for a sustainable, self-sufficient and just society at minimum possible pain.


Equip district-based NGOs and activists with the knowledge, skills and resilience to empower target communities to address social issues.

Help people to gain confidence and enhance awareness about the relationship between society and nature and between an individual and society.

Help people to increase production and productivity of land while promoting multipurpose crops for cash from marginal lands.

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Philosophy & Operating Principles

Participatory, inclusive, local resource-focused, non-violent activities.

Connecting grassroots issues and relevant local / national policies.

Working in under-served locations.

Combining livelihood and awareness activities.

Undertaking complementary economic and ecological activities.

Addressing physical and mental aspects of marginalization.

Mutual respect at all levels.

Maintaining political neutrality (balancing relationships with all local parties and not aligning with any).

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