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Women and dalits continued claiming their stake in VDC Block Grant

Women and dalits from working VDCs in Soru belt are participated in closed session of village council meeting every year and they have been claiming their stake in VDC block grant. They have been successful in receiving VDC block grant separately since 2009 following the interventions of Klep. During 2011 and 2012 women and dalit in six VDCs of Soru belt received on average 71,000 and 124,000 rupees respectively. Earlier, very few women and dalits were represented in council meeting and VDC block grant was not allocated for women and dalits. In 2013, on average, number of women and dalits represented in closed sessions of VDC council meeting were 6 (range: 2-7) and 8 (range: 2-14) respectively and amount of VDC block grant allocated for dalits and women were Rs 91,000 (range: Rs 79,000 - 108,000) and Rs 120,000 (range: Rs 45,000 - 200,000) respectively.