1. Chepangs Resources and Development. Collection of Expressions of the First Gathering of the Concerned, 1995
  2. Chepangs Identity and Awareness. Report of the Second Gathering of the Chepangs and the Concerned, 1999
  3. Patheghar Khasne Samasya ra Rajyako Daitwa (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Problem of Uterine Prolapse and the Responsibility of the State
  4. Mirchi Has a Fallen Womb, A Representative Saga of Thousands of Women Living With Uterine Prolapse  (in English)
  5. Dheuki (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Women with Uterine  Prolapse)
  6. Patheghar Khasne Samasya: Pahichan, Roktham ra Upachar (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Problem of Uterus Prolapse: Identification, Prevention and Treatment)

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