Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

About Us

·         CAED established

·         Started its first Project - SEACOW in Kandrang Watershed Area, Lothar Village Development Committee (VDC) of Chitwan, support from Flemish Individuals in Belgium 

·         Establishment of EcoNepal vzw (EN), a support group in Belgium


·         Establishment of Stichting EcoSchool in Nepal (SEN), a support group in the Netherlands

·         EN & SEN jointly start supporting SEACOW


·         Oxfam UK/I (Oxfam United Kingdom and Ireland, now Oxfam GB) supports part of SEACOW activities


·         Emergence of Kandrang Chepang Community (KCC) in Lothar


·         Conversion of SEACOW's NTFP enterprise promotion wing to Alternative Herbal Products (AHP)


·         Termination of Oxfam UK/I funding

·         Establishment of Alternative Herbal Products (AHP) in order to promote NTFP-based community enterprises


·         Started Praja NTFP Action Research Program (PNARP)  in  5 adjoining VDCs of Lothar under PCDP/ SNV-Nepal (Netherlands Development Organisation/Praja Capacity Development Program) funding; emergence of Chepang Cooperative (Praja Cooperative Ltd/PCL) through PNARP in Chitwan

·         Beginning of Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) in 5 VDCs of southern Achham in the far west region of Nepal under LLINK/Helvetas (Linking Local Initiatives to New Know-how/Swiss Development Organization) funding


·         Merger of PNARP components and Resource and Awareness Enhancement Program (RAEP) of Lothar as Chepang Interest  Program (CIP); started process of handing over the work to KCC; EN & SEN support continues

·         Termination of SEACOW-PNARP program with PCDP/SNV-Nepal 

·         Incorporation of Participatory Bio-mass based Soil Enrichment Program (PBSEP) in SLP

·         Beginning of Forest Rights Program (FRP) in 3 districts (Udaypur, Siraha and Saptari districts) in Churia range to support CFUGs and local NGOs on community forestry under  ChFDP/GTZ (Churia Forest Development Project/German Technical Cooperation)

·         Beginning of Southern Achham Comprehensive Contraceptives Program (SACCP) in SLP area under World Population Institute-USA funding; 

·         Initiation of f Uterine Prolapse program with funding from GTZ-Nepal in Accham district, far-west region, Nepal


·         Emergence of Dalit Empowerment Committee (DEC) in Achham due to the intervention of SLP

·         Emergence of Bael (Aegle marmelos) fruits processing enterprises in Siraha and Saptari districts for the first time in Nepal under FRP/ChFDP


·         Beginning of the second phase of SLP in Achham with joint financial support of Fastenopfer (The Swiss Catholic Lenten Fund) and LLINK/Helvetas; process of handing over SLP's work to DEC started


·         Handover of SEACOW's work and Wasbang Farm to KCC; technical support to KCC continues; EN & SEN support continues

·         Handover of SLP's work in southern Achham to DEC; adoption of fast track route from Surkhet to complete the takeover process by DEC; closure of SLP's field-based activities due to increasing control of the rebellions in the area

·         SLP supported 10 LLINK's partner NGOs to take up the issue of uterus prolapse and agriculture in Surkhet district


·         SLP started supporting 18 LLINK's partner NGOs in Dailekh, Jajarkot and Doti to disseminate its experiences of working in southern Achham and support on taking up the issues of social justice, uterine prolapse as one of the entry point to gender discrimination issues and community forestry/NTFPs with joint funding from Fastenopfer and LLINK/Helvetas 

·         Termination of ChFDP/GTZ funding and phase out of FRP


·         Beginning of Women’s Reproductive Rights Program (WRRP) in Siraha and Saptari districts with the financial support of Fastenopfer

·         Beginning of Chepang Mainstreaming Program (CMP) in Chitwan, Makwanpur, Dhading and Gorkha districts with technical support to Nepal Chepang Asociation (NCA) on the theme of education under ICCO-the Netherlands funding; CIP continues with EN & SEN support

·         Collaboration with ,RSDC, one of  LLINK's partner NGOs, to take forward the issue of uterine prolapse in Banke and Bardiya districts


·         Closure of field-based community forestry/NTFP activities in Dailekh, Jajarkot and Doti due to political armed conflict situation; 

·         Collaboration with RSDC ended due to phase out of Fastenopfer and LLINK/Helvetas support

·         SLP's support to LLINK partners in Achham started on the issues of uterus prolapse and gender discrimination and caste-based discrimination 

·         Phase out of CMP


·         Beginning of Karnali Livelihood Empowerment Program (KLEP) comprising of two components- Dhainakot Livelihood Empowerment Program and Local NGO Support Program in Mugu with the financial support of Fastenopfer

·         Completion of the first phase of WRRP in Siraha and Saptari districts; 

·         CIP continues focusing on the issues of 'education for all Chepangs' with technical support to NCA and KCC undertaking program with  4 schools in Chitwan, Dhading and Gorkha as model schools; 

·         Beginning of technical support to LFS (Little Flower Society) in Makwanpur on the issues of Chepangs' education 


·         Beginning of the second phase of WRRP


·         End of inception phase of KLEP

·         Beginning of Women’s Reproductive Rights Program-West (WRRP-W) in Surkhet and Jajarkot districts with the financial support of Asian Aid Organization (AAO) Australia


·         Beginning of the first phase of KLEP

·         Completion of the second phase of WRRP


·         Beginning of the third phase of WRRP

·         WRRP started widening UP issues to outreach districts such as Sunsari, Mahottari, etc.

·         Widened coverage of WRRP-W to Dailekh district


·         Completion of the first phase of KLEP


·         Beginning of the second phase of KLEP

·         Completion of the third phase of WRRP


·         Beginning of a brand new version of WRRP with base districts Sarlahi and Khotang


·         Completion of the second phase of KLEP

·         Beginning of Women, Girl and Child Rights Program (WoGCRP) built on WRRP-W


·         Beginning of phase-over of KLEP in Mugu

·         Widened coverage of KLEP to Dolpa district (phase-in of KLEP in Dolpa)

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1.       Model-couple-spouse campaigner approach

2.       Traditional agricultural solidarity group (Parma Samuha) based multi-purpose cooperative and agroecological transformation approach

3.       School based children and girls rising approaches

4.       Child focused community development (CFCD) approach

5.       Women/girls' empowerment making pelvic organ prolapse (POP) as the entry point

6.       Holistic approach integrating sustainable livelihood strategies and human rights

7.       Do no harm (DNH), 'power with and within' aspects integrated rights based bottom-up approach

8.       Agroecological transformation approach

9.       Collaborative action approach with local and federal governments, media, CNGOs and stakeholders

10.   Evidence based collaborative advocacy, youth-led activism, campaign and networking

11.   Zero-tolerance approach to fraud and corruption


Executive Committee(Board)

Samita Pradhan


Sumesh Bhattarai

Vice- Chairperson

Govinda Prasad Ghimire


Dushala Adhikari


Rajendra Prasad Dahal

Former Chairperson

Somat Ghimire


Sabita Pandhak


Ishwori Nepal


Ram Kumar Bhattarai



Purushottam Giri

Program Coordinator

Ram Bikram Shah

Program Officer

Indra Kala Gharti

Gender and SRHR Officer

Janaki Gharti

Girls Empowerment Officer

Krishna Prasad Sharma

Finance and Admin Officer


Umakanta Bhusal

Program Coordinator

Lila Bahadur Tamatta

Livelihood and Empowerment Field Officer

Urbashi Bohora

Admin and Finance Officer

Jayandra BK

Field Supervisor

Dasarath Rawal

Agroecology Field Supervisor

Bimala Sarki

Agroecology Technician (Tripurasundari)

Surya B.K.

Livelihood and Empowerment Facilitator

Judda Sunar

Community Educator (Mudhkechula)

Bimala Bishwakarma

Agroecology Technician

Kabita Sarki

Community Educator (Mudhkechula)

Siddha B.K.

Community Educator (Mudhkechula)

Lal Bahadur B.K.

Community Educator (Tripurasundari)

Ranjana B.K.

Community Educator (Tripurasundari)

Menuka B.K.

Community Educator (Tripurasundari)

Dinesh B.K.

Community Educator (Thulibheri)

Laxmi B.K.

Agro-Ecology Technician