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Alternative Herbal Products (AHP)


Various products were being produced by local communities in several of CAED’s working areas, and CAED was trying to support the local economic development in these areas by selling these products. However, it became clear that marketing these products was a major endeavor beyond the scope of what CAED could fully take on. Thus, a separate commercial entity named Alternative Herbal Products (AHP) was established in 1998. AHP, with the support of its social partner CAED, started its work with a couple of totally natural, traditional recipe-based, hand processed and minimally packaged herbal teas. 

AHP's business

The Alternative Herbal Products (AHP) is a value driven, high-quality herbal products manufacturer and supplier. AHP aims to achieve commercial success by meeting its customers' needs through the provision of high quality, good value herbal products with competent, reliable and responsive service. It designs and produces totally natural, high quality, good value herbal teas and supply them in national as well as international markets. It also supplies raw and semi-processed herbs nationally and internationally.

Community-based trade is a fundamental part of the way AHP does business. It aims to benefit the primary producers and treat them with respect and integrity. It listens to its stakeholders and involves them more in decision-making. AHP buys raw materials from community-based producer organisations/ suppliers of some of the most marginalized groups of people in Nepal at a fair price. It respects communities' rights to control their resources and lives. 

The alternative way

Most of the raw materials used for AHP's products are collected from primary producer organisations of some of the most marginalized groups of people in Nepal. AHP does not buy products in exploitative in terms of both- human and nature. It is supported by its social partner in making sure that the step AHP taking is fair enough in compensating primary producers and harvest does not cause overexploitation of the resources. Harvesting of herbs is designed to be a method of preserving the environment, allowing local people to make a living without destroying the resource base. If the demand seems to be rising, the producers are supported in planting such herbs. AHP's raw materials sourcing catchments increases according to the expansion of the working areas of its social partner. 

Leveraging Purchasing Power for Poverty Alleviation

Purchasing of AHP's products provides customers with an opportunity to use their purchasing power in ways that support some of the most remote communities in Nepal while receiving high quality, good value products with exceptional service.

You can learn more about AHP and the specific products available at: www.alternative.org.np

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