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Research/Study Reports

·         Chepangs of Kandrang Watershed: A Quantitative Glimpse. Report of a Survey, 1993

·         Drawing Lessons from SEACOW's Five Years of Work with Chepangs in Kandrang Valley of Lothar VDC, Northern Chitwan. 1997

·         After Five years: Chepangs of Kandrang Watershed. Report of a Follow-up Survey, 1999

·         Hill Dalits: Quantified Impressions. Comparative Socio-Ecologico-Economic Survey of the Dalits of Southern Achham, 2000

·         Unheeded Agonies, A Study of Uterine Prolapse Prevelance and Its Causes in Siraha and Saptari Districts, Nepal (in English)


·         Chepangs Resources and Development. Collection of Expressions of the First Gathering of the Concerned, 1995

·         Chepangs Identity and Awareness. Report of the Second Gathering of the Chepangs and the Concerned, 1999

·         Patheghar Khasne Samasya ra Rajyako Daitwa (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Problem of Uterine Prolapse and the Responsibility of the State

·         Mirchi Has a Fallen Womb, A Representative Saga of Thousands of Women Living With Uterine Prolapse  (in English)

·         Dheuki (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Women with Uterine  Prolapse)

·         Patheghar Khasne Samasya: Pahichan, Roktham ra Upachar (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Problem of Uterus Prolapse: Identification, Prevention and Treatment)


·         Teeka R Bhattarai, Pramod Dahal, Nar B Chepang, Khem BK, Kusum Chepang, Julia Chitrakar, Gobinda Ghimire, Devendra Adhikari, Bijaya Subba, Bhim B Chepang . 2001. Participatory Action Research on Chiuri Tree: A Cornerstone for Understanding Community Forestry through NTFP Management in Central Nepal

·         Teeka R Bhattarai, Devendra Adhikari, Ishwori Nepal. 1998. SEACOW and Chisa Kruskaisa. PLA Notes 32, Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods Program, International Institute for Environment and Development (iied), London, UK

·         Teeka R Bhattarai. 1997. Non-formal Educational Programs Addressing Knowledge System: A dual Edged Sword. Paper presented in International Conference on Creativity and Innovation at Grassroots for Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 11-14 January 1997, Ahmedabad, India

·         Bernard De le Court, Devendra Adhikari. 1995. Economical Potentials of Chiuri ghee in Nepal. Paper presented in seminar on Plant Oil Energy in Nepal organised by GEM/Nepal, 16-18 October 1995, Kathmandu

·         Teeka R Bhattarai. 1998. Understanding Empowerment in Practice: Notes from Experiences. Unpublished paper

·         Teeka R Bhattarai. 1999. Forest and indigenous peoples of Nepal. In: Forests and Indigenous Peoples of Asia- An MRG International Report. MRG (ed). London, UK

·         Teeka R Bhattarai. 1999. Forest and Indigenous/Oppressed People in Nepal. SOUTHLINK- South-South Solidarity Newsletter, Vol. X No. 1&2. South-South Soladarity, New Delhi, India

·         Pramod Dahal, Teeka R Bhattarai. 1997. Looking From Within: Adding Value to Chiuri. Paper presented in International Conference on Creativity and Innovation at Grassroots for Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 11-14 January 1997, Ahmedabad, India

·         Teeka R Bhattarai. 1994. Sashaktikaran: Kehi Prashnaharu (Nepali- translated as Empowerment: Few Questions). Bikas Vol. 3 No. 5. SLF, Kathmandu


·         Patheghar Khasne Samasya Hamrai Gharma ta Chhaina? (in Nepali) (translated as: Is Not There the Problem of Uterus Prolapse in Our Home?)

·         Mahinabari (Chhui) Kasale Banayo? (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Who Made the Law of Menstrual Untouchability?)

·         Chhui Hunda Ramro Khana, Sarsafai ra Aram Chahinchha (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Need Nutritious Foods, Cleanliness and Rest during Menstruation)

·         Katai Tapainle Pani Jatiya Chhuwachhut Garirahanu Bhaeko Ta Chhaina? (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Are Not You Also Practicing Caste-based Untouchability?)


·         Bhusko Logne (in Nepali, English subtitles) (translated in English As: Maya's Husk Husband) Duration: 36:00, 2015

·         Mirchiko Patheghar Khasechha, Aba Ke Garne? (in Nepali, English subtitles) (translated in English As: What to Do, Mirchi Has Her Womb Fallen?) Duration: 30:00, 2004

·         Learning from SEACOW: Five Years in Kandrang. (Video Documentary), Language: English/Nepali, Duration: 15:22, 1997

·         Samudaik Ban: Sikkako Arko Pato (in Nepali) (translated in English As: Community Forestry: Other Side of The Coin), produced in collaboration with Forest Action, Duration: 30:00, 2004


·         Hamro Khana, Hamro Chaso (in Nepali) (translation  in English as : Our Food, Our Concern)

·         Patheghar Khasne Samasya: Rajyako dayitwa ................,


·         Yahan Manchhe 9-10 Mahina Basyo, Ahile Yo Thaun Khaseko Chha (in Nepali) (translated in English as: Human Stayed for 9-10 Months, Now it is Fallen)

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